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1. Two foreign trade personnel

job requirements

1. College degree or above, major in international trade and business English;

2. Acceptable graduates, with business operation experience in the trade field preferred;

3. Familiar with the trade operation process and related laws and regulations, and have professional knowledge in the field of trade;

4. Have a high level of English and a good level of computer operation;

5. Has good business development ability and business negotiation skills, strong public relations awareness, strong professionalism, teamwork spirit and independent handling ability, and is brave in pioneering and innovating.

6. Honesty is the first condition, be practical and aggressive.

Foreign trade talent contact: Manager Zhang Tel: 0631-8664868

2. Recruiting experienced CNC machine tool operators for many years. If you are interested, please contact Manager Yin, mobile phone: 13287830786

3. Recruitment of male and female workers in the workshop for many years, age 20-45, local hukou preferred. Interested parties please contact Manager Li, mobile phone: 13562105125

4. R&D design engineer

job requirements: 

1. College degree or above, polymer material or composite material and other related majors; 2, more than one year of work experience familiar with various composite material technology, various fiber and resin properties, and composite material performance characterization and calculation, understand the development of composite materials Frontier; 3. Have good logic analysis ability and communication and coordination ability.

If you are interested, please contact Manager Bi, mobile phone: 18863168551

All the above positions can be insured, and the specific salary and benefits are negotiable!

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Add:No.7 Baode Road, Wendengying Town, Wendeng City, Shandong Province

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